Terlan | Mölten | Stoanman

The start of „Dor Stoanerne Monn“ – triathlon is situated in Terlan near Bozen. After a round in the village the athlets must run uphill to Mölten. Before they reach „Verschneid“ they have to change to the mountainbike. Now they cycle through „Verschneid“ and „Versein“ and before „Mölten“ they turn towards to the funicular of Mölten and go further to „Schlaneid“.

From Schlaneid the athletes go back to Mölten where they cycle uphill in direction of the mountain hut „Sattlerhütte“. Now they change the second time to skitouring skis. Now they go further to the mountain hut „Möltner Kaser“ towards the finish line on the top of the Stoanman.