Registration form Team 2. Dor Stoanerne Monn on 01.03.2016

OK-Team  SV Mölten Raiffeisen, Folmegor, 39010 Mölten

Tel. +39 338 862 1539

Registration  fee:

Single starter: 50,00 € and after 31.01. 70,00€

Team: 90,00 € and after 31.01. 120,00€

The starter package is delivered only against restitution of the chips during the award ceremony in the multi-purpose hall of Mölten.

YESI/we accept the „Dor Stoanerne Monn- Regulation“ 2017 in all points and accept at partecipate on my own risk. Moreover I am in possession of the medical certification according to M.D/18.02.1982.

YESI/we accept that personal data are elaborated electronically according the privacy norms.

YESI/we remit the registration fee to the c/c of Raiffeisenkasse Mölten:

SV Mölten Raiffeisen Amateursportverein

IBAN Nr. IT 71 I 08135 58580 000300238511

In the reason must appear the name of the athlete.

The inscription is valid only after full payment of the registration fee. 

With a click on "Send" I accept all rules of the race.